We are a growing church of disciples
that are saving the lost and teaching the saved


Faith Life Church is not a building, it is a bunch of people. We are not a religious organisation, we are ordinary people united by one extraordinary truth: we all needed saving from our sins and Jesus Christ did it!

We have come to understand, from reading the Bible, that eternal life is not a matter of being good and hoping that’s enough, it is about having a restored relationship with God, through believing in His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is Good News and it’s available to everyone, so that’s why we gather. We don’t want to keep this Good News to ourselves, we want to equip and strengthen one another to become effective as witnesses, willing and able to share with others what God has done for us.

So, we put the Word of God (the Bible) first and everything else just kind of works from there. We worship, we serve, we pray, we eat, we laugh, we grow – in our understanding of God and His goodness and our understanding of our purpose as disciples of Jesus.

Would you like to join in? We hope so! God is awesome and you will never regret getting to know Him and putting your life in His loving hands.
We look forward to getting to know you and walking together in this incredible adventure of faith!

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